Implementing the LMS – Firefly


Change Management

‘’…the change is significant and is less about the tool than it is about the potential processes, understandings and structures required to support our vision of learning and teaching…’’

  • Change management and communication
  • Integrated & have functionality
  •  Meet the needs of specific learners  – across campus/age
  • Efficiency as an organisation? (impact on business processes)

Opportunity to engage the St Peters community more broadly and provide an avenue to share the learning and co-create.

  • Establish a coaching and mentoring  pedagogy
  • Make learning personalized (and provide TIME)
  • Making learning accessible and sustainable

Getting Buy- In (Teachers/Students/Parents)   

  • Easy to use Virtual Learning Environment
  • Links with Synergetic
  • Matches learning needs for primary and secondary
  • Integrates with a range of existing tools
  • Streamline teacher processes
  • A website builder design

Making connections beyond the classroom walks – College

Sharing Across the College

  • diff campus/visible to all
  • ideas & PD across a campus (e.g. German teacher’s blog P-12)
  • ability to copying pages & content
  • able to see what others are doing and how they work
  • blogs
  • use of  ePortfolios (SFD Primary)

Empowerment of Staff/ Mentoring/ Coaching

  • Clear connection to curriculum pedagogical frameworks/assessment and reporting processes
  • Pages and site development
  • Assessment and tasks
  • Messaging/blogs and general in site communications
  • PD and creating support resources

(e.g. identify PD timeline for 2017 with vendors/ICT products that embed or can be displayed in Firefly)

Technology offers the tools and opportunities to those educators willing to learn and use them. It is that will that must be worked on.


  • Ability to showcase and promote new ideas
  • Locating in one place – reduce information overload

One launch pad for tools and existing connections

  • embedding media
  • too many tools and locations

Making connections beyond the classroom walks – College

  • blogs
  • exploring ePortfolios
  • international connections

This padlet has some feedback from last year about Firefly. (Plus, Minus and Interesting)

Students as creators and publishers

I love the tools that allow students to become their own publishers and creators.
There are many tools that support students to do this.
Some of these tools I have compiled on JSSALC Online Stories wikispaces page.
I am also excited by the simplicity of the iPad apps that support this process as well.
This list has some excellent examples of these.

Feature Picture Book – Tree: From Little Things Grow

The story of TREE: From little things big things grow is beautifully written by Danny Parker and illustrated by Matt Ottley.

This tree was photographed in Tasmania.
Information about Tasmanian forestry.

Find teaching notes using the QR code below.
This story book is perfect for the Units of Inquiry related to
• Environment
• Life cycle
• Seasons
• Sustainability

Additionally TREE reflects the Learner Profile of BALANCED.